I did this with a GEO Storm SOHC TB, on my '98 SOHC SL, best mod Ive done yet. Only cost me 25 bux from local U-Pull-it.

If you can find a GEO storm (SOHC or DOHC) at your local junkyard, definately steal the throttle body. They will bolt right up to our intake manifolds, well, non plastic intake manifold cars. The throttle plate on the GEO SOHC TB is almost 53mm (52.6mm), and the DOCH is even larger. The intake side of the TB's are 'belled' out, the SOHC is to 60 something mm's, I forget. Lets just say our stock TB fits inside the intake side of the GEO units. On the manifold side, the GEO SOHC TB is a match for our manifolds/gaskets. The DOHC one is larger on that side and you will have to bore out your intake manifold and get a diffrent gasket. You also have to make a simple bracket to move your throttle cable up and closer to the TB, I will get dimentions tomarow. For now, here are the pics. Its a pretty self explanitory mod, I had to re-wire my TPS wires into the GEO TPS ones, as the connector is diffrent, supposedly on the DOHC GEO the plugs are the same.


VMS taper bored stocker:

Standard Geo Storm TB:

throttle plate, almost 53mm:

bolted up w/ my first (aluminum) throttle cable bracket:

wiring for TPS:
Its kinda hard to see, TPS is off picture to the top. Wiring as follows, (GEO colors first), blue/orange - blue, blue/white - grey, black/white - black.

Steel throttle cable bracket:
Yes it is against the PCV line, but I cant get around that w/ the SOHC, you DOHC guys dont need to worry about that.

How I routed the wires:
basicially pulled the IAC wires out of the shroud a bit, thats really it, plenty of slack for me.

another view of things:

here you can see it resting on my strut bar:

After 2mins w/ a file:
it doesnt vibrate against the strut bar, but will hit it ocasionally, mostly due to my stock TAM w/ 99000mi on it. A shop rag keeps things from hurting eachother and making noise for now.

I will get dimentions of my throttle cable bracket tomarow for you guys.

Overall, best 25bux ive ever put into my car, besides Mobil 1. It changed the tone a bit from the VMS bored stocker, but sounds deeper, more aggressive. I easily outran my friends 5sp SL2 yesterday, he had my old VMS TB as well.

For a 25 dollar mod, if you have material for the throttle cable bracket, the regular GEO Storm TB is great, you will notice a diffrence. If you are lucky enough to find a Storm GSI TB, more power to you. Like stated before, dont forget to bore your manifold out to match if you find the GSI unit, the standard Storm one is a direct matchup to the manifold/gasket.

You will notice that your gas pedal will sit lower, and my not go all the way to the floor. I am looking into moving the throttle cable about 3/4in or so closer to the piviot point on the pedal arm to get the height and travel back. Its just a little wierd to make the 'jump' from gas to break, though Ive driven on stock setups that were simmilar.

enjoy and good luck!