Saturn L-Series Front Speaker Replacement
Vehicle: 2000 Saturn LW2

2000 Saturn LW2

So, I have a blown speaker in my car. This guide deals with the front speaker replacement for the L-Series. Awh yeah, let's get started. (I only have pictures of the driver's side door, but it's obviously the same with the passenger side)

Drivers side door panel

Starting off, here is the door. You can tell it's in a few pieces. This was the first time for me to just explore and take it apart, as I am accustomed to S-Series door panel removal. This is totally different, and I didn't have good reception to look online for how to do it. Trust me if you want, and I am not responsible for what you do wrong.

Screw behind black plastic cover

There are three screws along the bottom of the panel to remove. There is one screw under the black plastic cover by the mirror. Pull on the black plastic cover with some force. There is a pushpin that holds it on, that will release when you pull hard enough. It's located near more near the top of the cover, so pull from the top to reduce the chance of the cover breaking. You will see your screw, remove it.

Screw behind tweeter cover

There is a screw behind the tweeter cover. Use a flathead and lightly pop out the cover. You will see your screw, remove it.

Screw hidden by handle cover

There is a screw behind the lower part of the handle cover. Remove this by pulling on it. It is held in with a clip. You will see your screw, remove it.

Screw behind the power lock switch

Do you like screws? Good because there is another, hidden behind the power lock switch. Like the tweeter cover, be gentle and it will pop out easily. Unplug the power lock switch. You will see your screw, remove it.

The power mirror switch

Remove the power mirror switch. No screws, it's just easier. Unplug the power mirror switch.

Unplugging the tweeter

Pull on the upper door panel assembly and it will pull off. Be gentle, as the tweeter is still plugged in and doesn't have much slack. Unplug the tweeter.

Where you're at so far

Pull the bottom out, unclipping it. Pull the mid section out next, then after the lower and mid sections are pulled out, pull up on the whole assembly. With some force, the panel will come off. Be gentle, as the door light is still attached. Angle the door panel downwards towards you, and unplug the door light.

Door light assembly

Take a moment to examine the vapor barrier. If it is hanging like mine was a bit, you should reseal it. Other than that, you're almost done!

Here is where you're at

Three 8mm bolts hold on the speaker. Remove these. Then get a flathead screwdriver and gently separate the speaker from the door. It is held on from factory with a light sealant, to reduce vibration. Gently pull out, and unplug and replace!

Speaker removal time!

Installation is reverse of removal.

- Stock front speakers have spacers.
- The spacers are built into the speaker.
- If you wish to reinstall the speakers to factory spec, you will need a light sealant.