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  1. Ultimate Swap Guide
  2. OBD-1 Diagnostic Codes
  3. OBD-1 Transaxle Diagnostic Codes (Code 11)
  4. from the Junkyard to the Track - engine build. 56K deth
  5. Saturn S-Series Stereo Wiring Guide
  6. DIY Alignment
  7. 91-95 Front Fascia Removal (SC, SL, SW)
  8. Swapping seats between sedans and coupes.
  9. Ultimate 1991-1998 Engine Specs
  10. Ultimate 1999-2002 Engine Specs
  11. RMR Sport Wheel hub build up and install
  12. GEO Storm Throttle bodies write up.
  13. HID Retro fit in a 2nd gen SC*
  14. Sunroof removal, installation, and guide replacement*
  15. Installing a ring gear on a Quaiffe LSD
  16. Twin Intake Cam Mod --- keywords: dohc two intake cams 2 *
  17. Ultimate Newbie Guide - If you're new, read this!*
  18. Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) Programming (S-Series) 96-99
  19. Cheapass power upgrades
  20. Turn the Side Markers into Turn Signals
  21. Push-button start
  22. Turn on cooling fan with stock A/C switch mod*
  23. simultanious High/Low Mod*
  24. Sensor Diagnostics
  25. free saturn coupe 91-96 pdf parts list download
  26. 2g Vent gauge pods
  27. Swapping Cams on the DOHC, No TCC Removal
  28. Modding clear corners to fit the rear bumper on SL/SW (1G)
  29. S series transmission valve body replacement
  30. Adapting a DSM Turbo Manifold onto the Saturn S-Series
  31. Deebs build consistancy check
  32. How to: Swap between old/new style knock sensor
  33. Power Steering Kill Switch How-To
  34. Non 3rd gen engine into 3rd gen car
  35. CLEANING PISTON TOPS or MMO Soak on Steroids
  36. Power steering rack to manual conversion
  37. S-Series Shift Cable Ends fix.
  38. MP6/MP7 Automatic Transmission Identification
  39. Chart for Water Temperature versus Gauge Position (All S-Series)
  40. Crude Diagram For Adding AUX Fuse Panel to S-Series
  41. Belt for NO P/S and NO A/C?
  42. GEO Throttle Body Identification Info
  43. cam sensor into 5 bolt head
  44. Fixxing a fist size rust hole in the frame
  45. IAC issue with geo throttle body
  46. Honda radiator
  47. Saturn S-Series Piston drain hole video
  48. 97.5+ alternator rebuild
  49. OFFICIAL Random part number thread
  50. Fix your loose combination switch
  51. super intake mod
  52. 1G Interior Door Skin Replacement Clip Information
  53. Manual Fan relay switch
  54. Old School Info
  55. 2002 sl wheel bearing
  56. Transmission Disassembly
  57. Engine rebuild
  58. Factory Fog Light Installation Video
  59. 98 camshafts part number?
  60. Diff Pin Welding question?
  61. 3rd Gen SC2 / SL2 Universal Window Switch Installation Guide
  62. Gen 2 SL. Dohc swap
  63. where to go with these engines/how janus is doing
  64. online factory service manual
  65. Installing set of gages in my 95 SC-2
  66. Suspension swap
  67. Transmission
  68. New whip
  69. 2 questions abs and wiring harness
  70. A/C performance testing doc
  71. Stuttering problem
  72. glad to be a member
  73. First post and want to learn something new.
  74. UCN's 2002 SC2
  75. >>Duplicate<< Pls Delete (oops)
  76. 2nd gen S series (1997 SC2) Complete Instrument Cluster Bulb Swap (Bulb Count/Type)
  77. Transmission Torque Specs
  78. Subframe
  79. wagon rear seat swap questions
  80. Swp clutch setup guide (using Saturn parts)
  81. Shaking steering wheel.
  82. Where is the auto to manual swap guide?
  83. Fuel Return Line for '00 SL2
  84. Timing chain guide question