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SC2Sick's Builds

Documentation of the builds of my Saturn(s)

  1. SC2 Survived the 2010 Midcoast Road Rally

    My friend and I participated in the 2010 Midcoast Road Rally on Saturday and had an awesome time.. waiting to hear back on the results now

    A teaser photo from the finish line where they shut down downtown Des Moines, IA for us to park at the end.. 132 participants and we were one of the earlier teams to finish.

    1997 Saturn SC2
  2. Daily Driver Update

    Swapped on the Injen CAI from my SC1
    Installed aftermarket stereo for in car streaming Pandora radio from my phone
    Eibach/KYB suspension
    Koenig Rims
    Basic maintenance

    Current(ish) Photo
    1999 Saturn SL2
  3. 1999 Saturn SL2, the new Daily Driver

    Imported a 99 SL2 from Canada 3/27/2010

    The Good:
    173,xxx KM so about 107k Miles
    Engine and Trans seem to be top notch
    Super clean engine bay, no visible leaks
    Keyless Entry
    OEM block heater (that will be nice this year)
    Tinted Windows
    Damn near silent minus the suspension that needs to be replaced

    The Bad:
    Has tan single cam interior and one piece seats
    Automatic Trans
    Bad passenger side wheel bearing (400 miles ...

    Updated 09-29-2010 at 07:25 PM by SC2Sick

    1999 Saturn SL2
  4. 1997 Saturn SC2

    The forged engine and turbo setup are gone but the SC2 still remains. This car has been through so many incarnations that Iíve begun to refer to it as the perpetual project. I sometimes joke that I enjoy building it more than having it complete.. and to an extent that is true..

    The new build will consist of

    97 LL0 bottom end
    95 DOHC Head
    Geo Storm GSI TB with 3″ WAI
    92 OEM Header
    Fidanza Flywheel
    97 MP3 transmission with MP2 ...

    Updated 09-29-2010 at 07:26 PM by SC2Sick

    1997 Saturn SC2