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  1. TypeSL2's Supercharger Build: Boosted! Vid Pg. 16

    This is only a test...

    They clear the struts with a finger's width of space. The also clear the fender at rest by a finger's width. There is some rubbage on the rear at full lock, and possibly the front. Looks like mostly liner though. I am going to be messing with them some. Want to get a good fit for some autox next year. Also will probably use these a time or 2 at the drag strip. Just ...
  2. Interior Upgrade

    Not really much of an upgrade compared to what else has gone on in this car, but I figured I would work on cleaning up the interior now that the Supercharger is doing so well. I swapped out my old melted gauge holder for this solid Darkangel777 aluminum mount. Really stepped up the interior. I ordered my other pod and that will get installed as soon as it comes in.

  3. Supercharged '95 SC2

    This is how the car sat when I purchased it from Florida.

    And this is how it sits after almost 3 years of working on it.


    Updated 10-14-2010 at 01:53 PM by TypeSL2