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  1. Mexico, Brazil, and ???

    So my Mexico and Brazil threads were pretty popular. Figured i could come back and give an update on everything.

    Sandra turned out to be crazy and a liar on many levels.
    When I was there, she told me she was divorced and had a 13yr old daughter. Over time I found out both of those things were not 100% true, collimating with me speaking with her husband online. She was still married but separated. But she still spent a LOT of time with the husband. He is abusive ...
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  2. Zombie Dreams

    As originally found:

    I've had dreams of my life after the zombie apocalypse. My favorite series of dreams ever. They were the slow zombies... my fear came from numbers and getting trapped in closed places. But typically I was able to deal with both... often finding/ helping/saving other survivors and taking them back to a base camp of some kind.

    If I thought I was a decent writer I'd ...
  3. Start this off with some links to the past

    There are two threads that I've made that have become somewhat famous here. Neither are Saturn related at all. Both would have been better as a blog as well. It would be a huge pain in the ass to convert them over to the blog format and all the comments would be lost. So instead, my first post will be links to the threads.

    I am going to Mexico for 3 months
    The thread that started it all...
    I knocked up a mexican chick and...
    she had a misscarrage
    "TDA's Texas/Mexico Photo Thread" ...
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