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  1. Shenanigans at Tail of the Dragon 2016

    The morning of August 11, 2016 started my journey to the east coast for my first time ever joining the Sixthsphere crew at the Fontana Village Resort to spend a weekend of running highway 129, known as the Tail of the Dragon. Known to push a driver and their car to their limits.

    As a driver and owner of the S-series for 11 years, this was truly an exciting moment for me. It was time to stop lurking around the forums, or to "play it safe" with my ownership of one of these ...

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  2. Yeup.

    Within a world of busy bodies, my Saturn continuously proves true as being most loyal. Spent more time cruisin' late night alone then I have ever spent with any person! Lol funny thing is I would not have it any other way. My car has seen more of my crazy lifestyle than one could imagine. I never say what I do but my sc2 has been with me every mile. My Saturn is not built engine wise but she's reliable, practical, and well maintained because I look at her as if the little 3 door coupe was worth ...
  3. Automotive Articles

    Quote Originally Posted by ProDarwin View Post
    Ram is 0.36, so slightly higher.

    Remember Drag Coefficient and Drag Area are different things. The RAM would have a HUGE drag area compared to the S-series, so the drag force would be significantly higher.
    Of course there is a page I didn't see. :P
  4. MS2 wiring diagram for OBD2

    Quote Originally Posted by aaronssoccer17 VAGINA View Post
    Name:  ms2 v3.57 wiring diagram.jpg
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    Here you go. Its all color coded only one error and that is it's "Spark A" comes out of pin 36 on the DB37. You'll set up for GM7x, "no" cam signal, Rising edge, going low(normal) and waste spark under tachinput/ignition settings. Then you'll set your timing to fixed 10 degrees trigger angle/offset(deg) and use a timing light. For example my car wants -6.20.

    If you want you OEM Tacometer on your dash to work and can
  5. Back to the '95

    So yesterday we made some progress on the '95.
    The interior has been removed from the dash to the back seat, carpet to headliner. The headliner is going to get fresh headliner kit from The floor pan is going to get some sound damper pads from McMaster Carr (PN: 9709T39) to reduce vibration and sound transmission.
    The wiring from the UHJB back into the cabin, through the dash, and to the fuse panel in the car has been removed. This will all be transplanted ...
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