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  1. Back to the '95

    So yesterday we made some progress on the '95.
    The interior has been removed from the dash to the back seat, carpet to headliner. The headliner is going to get fresh headliner kit from The floor pan is going to get some sound damper pads from McMaster Carr (PN: 9709T39) to reduce vibration and sound transmission.
    The wiring from the UHJB back into the cabin, through the dash, and to the fuse panel in the car has been removed. This will all be transplanted ...
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  2. Long time over due update.

    I bought a car from a member on this forum. Its a 1996 Black SC2, it was a special edition car in 1996, black non metallic paint, red pinstripe, beige perforated leather seats, and teardrop2s.

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    The one I purchased has a nice stainless header and a stainless exhaust on it. The rear breaks needed doing before I left Maine where I bought it and the suspension needed replacing the following spring. The springs and struts from the 1995 made their ...
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  3. the beginning of the build 2/9/2012

    Im new to blogging so i hope this sounds good. lol.
    So in the last 2 days ive got the first of my parts for my turbo build:
    Alpha Tuning Shorty Manifold
    Alpha Tuning Intercooler Piping w/RFL Bov and Intercooler
    Ians Turbo Chopstix
    Ported 93 intake manifold with sps throttlebody
    Mildly Ported 93 Head with EGR Block off

    Sent head to machine shop today to look into a full port job.
    SDA high temp seals ordered and having machine shop install ...

    Updated 02-09-2012 at 06:37 PM by shameless satty

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  4. Xylaphobe's 95 - Cursed

    Well this car is cursed, I'm sure of it now.

    After exhausting all options i was convinced that it was simply a weak engine, so we swapped the engine in from my beater shell that donated all its good parts. It seemed to be running okay. Then one night it suddenly started spitting a lot of smoke out the tailpipe. I have yet to inspect the beast to determine what has failed but I assume that another lean spike caused detonation ...
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  5. SF's Secret Purple

    2000 SL2. Bought in August of 2006 with 83K miles. Automatic, no power options, power steering, A/C, tan cloth interior. It was the bare bones, basic, simple 3rd gen sedan. Nothing special about it and it found its new life in my hands. It is my first official car.

    Stock Before Build

    Stock Form:

    Clean Engine with first mod, custom cold air intake:
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