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  1. started the gutting

    Had no ambition to go out last night so decided to pull the sc2 closer to the garage and ripped the front end off, disconnected most of the wiring, pulled the radiator, all the air ducts for the nose, disconnected linkage, disconnected slave cylinder, etc. hopefully pulling the motor and trans friday night when my dad goes to maine for the weekend so I can use the garage while hes gone
  2. Coppertops daily beaten wagon

    Quote Originally Posted by coppertop_01 View Post
    there are several buildup threads on the board about a deebs build, but coles notes version is a 93-98 crank with 99-02 rods/pistons and preferably a 92 head, mine doesn't have a 92 head (flat valves vs domed ones, increase comp ratio by 0.5, but I did do a dual intake cam mod). 93-98 Cranks were lighter than the 99-02's, the 99-02 rods/pistons had a better stroke/rod ratio giving the piston better "instantaneous velocity" and the 92-98 heads had larger intake/exhaust ports than the 99-02
  3. Gutted Saturn SC

    Buy price: $650...Hey the engine worked at least..LOL

    When I got this pile of junk, brakes were rotted completely out, engine was leaking oil from 3 major areas of the engine and the damn headlights were rotted out.

    I cleaned up the ...
  4. new job

    set up my shit at the new dealership. I'm now at Dimmit Chevy.
    back to an 8-5 schedule, fuck that's nice.
  5. the beginning of the build 2/9/2012

    Im new to blogging so i hope this sounds good. lol.
    So in the last 2 days ive got the first of my parts for my turbo build:
    Alpha Tuning Shorty Manifold
    Alpha Tuning Intercooler Piping w/RFL Bov and Intercooler
    Ians Turbo Chopstix
    Ported 93 intake manifold with sps throttlebody
    Mildly Ported 93 Head with EGR Block off

    Sent head to machine shop today to look into a full port job.
    SDA high temp seals ordered and having machine shop install ...

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