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  1. How to: Remove/Change Gauge Cluster (in a Vue)

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    Hey guys, I haven't seen anyone else post something like this, so I figured I'd do it. I replaced my stock 2003 Vue cluster (standard black Saturn cluster) with a 2006 Pontiac cluster.

    The only tool I needed for the swap was a 9/32 socket and an extender.

    Anyone else should need some other screwdriver or socket, I'm not sure what holds the cluster surround
  2. Xylaphobe's 95 - Cursed

    Well this car is cursed, I'm sure of it now.

    After exhausting all options i was convinced that it was simply a weak engine, so we swapped the engine in from my beater shell that donated all its good parts. It seemed to be running okay. Then one night it suddenly started spitting a lot of smoke out the tailpipe. I have yet to inspect the beast to determine what has failed but I assume that another lean spike caused detonation ...
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  3. we need more blogs.

  4. Sixthsphere Amazon Shopping Tools

    You can search for products... Widgets

    You can see if there is anything in this silly ass box you might want to purchase...

    You can search for car parts... Widgets
  5. Mexico, Brazil, and ???

    So my Mexico and Brazil threads were pretty popular. Figured i could come back and give an update on everything.

    Sandra turned out to be crazy and a liar on many levels.
    When I was there, she told me she was divorced and had a 13yr old daughter. Over time I found out both of those things were not 100% true, collimating with me speaking with her husband online. She was still married but separated. But she still spent a LOT of time with the husband. He is abusive ...
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