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  1. Zombie Dreams

    As originally found:

    I've had dreams of my life after the zombie apocalypse. My favorite series of dreams ever. They were the slow zombies... my fear came from numbers and getting trapped in closed places. But typically I was able to deal with both... often finding/ helping/saving other survivors and taking them back to a base camp of some kind.

    If I thought I was a decent writer I'd ...
  2. Great News!

    I ordered a set of KYB struts to go with my progress springs and rear hub spacers! Pictures of finished product in a month or two! I cannot wait to put them on, but I must until at least spring break (3 weeks probably).

    I have thoroughly enjoyed having the rear sway bar (16mm). This oughta be a whole new level of fun!
  3. Under the weather

    While I'm deployed my car is being stored at my in-law's cabin. Last week they got quite a bit of snow. Just to let me know how my car is doing, they sent this.

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  4. A Dream

    My First Car
    My first car '96 SL1 been lasting me since i first bought/got it 2003 High School 10th Grade. It's been through a lot being my very first car, not knowing exactly how to take care of a car >,< but it stuck through with me and still keeps on going

    A Few Touches

    Now I feel I can't ...

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  5. Why Atomic Robo Hates Dr. Dinosaur

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