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  • SAFCII Installation on Ion 2.2L (2003-2004)

    A'ight boys here it is. A (hopefully) good installation "manual" for putting the SAFC on the 2004 Ion Quad Coupe 2 - I make no guarantee this will work on any other model or year Ion.

    First off, you wire up the bitch to your stock ECM. Here's the wiring map I used:

    Note that the 'C1' block is the one that has "Delphi" stamped on it and is square in shape and closer to the driver's side / wheel of the car than the C2 block, rectangular in shape.

    There are a few things to note about the installation at this point that you would find (buried) in the SAFC Manual.

    Notice that you must cut the air flow / pressure signal wire (Light green on the ECM) and run one part into the SAFC, and the other part back to the ECM. DO NOT SIMPLY TAP INTO THE LIGHT GREEN WIRE WITH THE SAFC CONNECTIONS. Also, note the grounding configuration. The brown wire should tap into the ground wire closer to the ECM than the black wire does.

    Here's the finished product:

    Once you've got good, solid connections here, you're ready to fire up the car! Follow the SAFC's installation manual closely. You should not immediately start the car. first you just turn it to "run" but don't start it, and set up your SAFC & make sure things are being read correctly.

    First run the 'initialize' command on the SAFC to 0 everything out.
    Next your configuration should first consist of setting the # of cylinders to '2' (to get proper RPM reading) and the throttle type to the upward pointing arrow (up and to the right). Once you've done this, head to the NE-Point settings and set your max one to at or just above your RPM cutoff. On my car it's 6600. Then set your correction (NE) points to wherever you think good intervals are w/in the RPM range. If your boost really kix in at a certain RPM, make sure to have a point at or just before that mark!

    You can now start your car.

    Make sure, now, that all the different sensors are monitoring correctly by utilizing the Sensor Chk and Monitor functionality on the device. If they are not, read over the manual and make sure things are as they should be, and/or post questions here and we'll try to help you out <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="" title="Smile" />

    When your car is running while you tune, keep this in mind: as you change the values in your maps on the SAFC, they change in real time to your car! That means if you go and set the lowest RPM (should be around idle) to -50% correction right now, your car will stall out! Likewise if you go leaner while you're on the throttle, you will blow up!

    [size=99px]Happy tuning![/size]

    For S Series check here: (test)
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