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  • ION Redline Oil Filter Removal

    1) jack up car to get under to remove the oil drain plug. (15mm i think, isnt that the normal size?) make sure you have an oil pan ready.

    2)let that drain and get up and stand on the left side (driver side) And remove the 2 bolts holding the coolant filler neck at the front of the car off so I could move it outta the way.

    3)with your left hand maneuver the 1 1/4" (32mm) socket under the supercharger. Takes a little finesse to get it on there.

    3) look from the top down and insert at least a 6" (?) long extension down there and unscrew it.

    4) Remove the extension and reach under there to pull off the socket.

    5)Then remove the cap (the filter is going to come with it)...Repeat in reverse order for install.

    6) dont forget to put the oil drain plug back in and tighten it down.

    7) after everything is reinstalled, insert ~6 to 7 quarts of oil. first enter 6 then start then shut off let it settle ~ 4-6 mins then check level and enter more if needed.

    PUT VALVE COVER OIL CAP BACK ON. and then start the car and then shut off let settle and check again and if needed add more if not then CLEAN up yo shit and

    last step:

    go in car, press tripmeter button once, then hold for 5 seconds till it beeps to reset the oil change reminder message.
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