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  • 3rd Gen SC2 SL2 Universal Window Switch Installation Guide

    Writeup courtesy of Megan SC2

    (If you have a 3rd gen SL2 and can confirm the pin outs please let me know
    so I can update the image and credit you in the write up.

    *please trace the leads with a multi-meter. just trying my untested leads could damage your control board.)

    My 2002 SC2 power window switches have stopped working, AGAIN! I've cleaned the contacts before which helped but was never a great solution. I never had a way to restore the eroded metal on the contacts, and without fixing the contacts cleaning them was pointless. And who wants to take these things apart again? NOT ME!

    I decided I was going to replace the switches with new ones this time round. I was thinking maybe $50 for a new combo switch. I came across sticker shock when I saw the replacement at Autozone was $190 for the switch. So I started looking around and the best price I could find was $101 shipped. Still double what I wanted to pay for some switches. Time to get inventive and replace them with universal 5 pin switches for around $15!

    Search for "universal window switch" on eBay.

    Tools needed or helpful: Small Flat Screwdriver, Pliers, Side Cutters, Hack Saw, Soldering Iron and maybe the number to the hospital....

    1. Removing the window switch from the console by prying up on window / mirror switch with a small flat screwdriver. (SL2 Switch shown) I forgot to take a picture of mine.

    2. Disconnect the plug for the window switch by pinching the tab (First image, SC2 plug shown) and pulling the plug out. Do the same for the mirror switch (Second image, plug not shown) but this time you will need a small flat screwdriver to lift the tab on the mirror switch and then pull the connector out. Try not to pull on the wires, you could damage the connectors.

    3. You should now be holding the window / mirror switch in your hand. Now you need to remove the window switch from the mirror switch. To do so locate the four tabs on the underside of the window switch, pull out on all four and from the top push down on the window buttons. This will make the window switch fall out of its holder.

    4. You should now have the window switch by its self. You now need to disassemble it. To do so slide a small flat screw driver down the side of the switch as shown. There are two tabs on the opposite side as well that need to be released. Once all four tabs have been released pry gently to remove the backer plate.

    5. Remove the circuit board by prying gently on the four white tabs. The same way you removed the backer plate. Some small peaces of metal may fall out. Don't be alarmed. That's just peace of the old switch so they are not needed.

    6.***BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL IN THIS STEP. ONE SLIP AND YOU CAN DESTROY YOUR CONTROL BOARD*** Now you need to remove the white board that is attached to the circuit board. Cut the white board with a hack saw according to the black lines and numbers. Look between the white and green board and try to get your cuts as close to the legs as you can. It will make trimming the legs easier. Number 2 on the image is not a hack saw cut but rather a leg snipping step. Once the legs are removed in step two that chunk of white board should be free. The 16 arrows on the green board are the leg locations that will need to be cut as you remove pieces of the white board. Try to leave the legs as long as possible on the green board, you are going to be soldering to them in a later step. Do not try to solder leads to the white board. The solder does not hold well to it. I know because I tried to add metal back to the contacts with solder.

    This is what your board should look like when finished.

    7. This is the pin out you are going to use to solder. ***Do not try to back feed these connectors threw the wire harness. You will most likely fry something. *** My pin out has been tested on a 2002 SC2 and works. I am unsure of how the window lock works. The leads may need grounded to make the windows lock but I have not tested this. Part 2 will show the switch leads soldered on the green board and the switches installed in the stock location.

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    1. Megan SC2's Avatar
      Megan SC2 -
      ***I am still editing this and its only half way done. The second half to this and any updates can be found at the link below. I am unsure if this will auto update with the forum or not.***
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