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  • Deebs Build Saturn LL0 engine


    Deebs build
    • any block will work, 99+ are stiffer
      99 rods and pistons, pre-99 crank
      01+ lower block brace to stiffen things up
      valves are typically 91-93 flat faced version
      98 valve springs due to increased stiffness
      head isn't as important, stay away from 91 and 99+

    This basic combination netted 133 horsepower at the wheels, which translates to 145+ at the crank.

    If I am not mistaken it raises the rod/stroke ratio and therefore reduces piston to cylinder friction and also a longer r/s ratio will decrease dwell, and decrease instantaneous piston speeds. That's what your after. High revs w/ less stress.. The only reason that the 99+ motors did not increase in power was due to more constrictive port design in the 3 gen heads. Stock pistons have oil ring issues, this can be remedied by drilling holes in the oil ring land, or buying aftermarket pistons with better oil control.

    The Crank
    The crank is pre-99 but also should be aware of 2 versions of that style crank, 91-92 and 93-98 generally the first crank is over looked due to a different CPS setup. The middle generation of crank is selected here because it has less counter weights than the 99+ crank and less drive train weight the quicker revving the engine will be.

    Valve Train
    The 91-93 valves are flat faced, using these valves with the 99 pistons creates a increase in compression to approximately 9.75:1.(+.25:1) The 98+ valve springs are the stiffest. All valves purchased new from Saturn will be the higher spring rate.

    The 91 head is bad news don't torture yourself with it, otherwise its just pick a 92-98 big port. That group is split in to two major groups and must match harness and ECU to head, 92-94 vacuum EGR, and 95-98 Linear (electronic) EGR. 95 is an odd one out, 2 ECTSs. The head can also be milled to further increase the compression ratio. NOTE: decking the head causes the exhaust cam to become retarded due to the shorter distance between the crank and cam gears.
    • .010" gets approximately 10:1
      .020" gets approximately 10.25:1
      .030" gets approximately 10.5:1
      .040" gets approximately 10.75:1

    I'd just like to be sure I have my facts straight please correct as necessary.
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    1. Yerboogieman's Avatar
      Yerboogieman -
      Milling the head decreases the distance between the cams and crank. The timing chain will be the same length, so for every .012" you remove, cam timing is retarded about 1 degree.

      I.E, if you milled it down .040", Advance both cams by about 3-4 degrees. 1.5-2 degrees per cam.
    1. siris's Avatar
      siris -
      A wild ghost appears
    1. Yerboogieman's Avatar
      Yerboogieman -
      Pretty much lol. But it is important to note.
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