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Within a world of busy bodies, my Saturn continuously proves true as being most loyal. Spent more time cruisin' late night alone then I have ever spent with any person! Lol funny thing is I would not have it any other way. My car has seen more of my crazy lifestyle than one could imagine. I never say what I do but my sc2 has been with me every mile. My Saturn is not built engine wise but she's reliable, practical, and well maintained because I look at her as if the little 3 door coupe was worth a hundred thousand. I know my Saturn ain't much, but to me she is out of this world. I brag about her nonstop. People think amount paid is priority to be well known. I say naw, its about skill and smarts of who's driving! If I was to be given an expensive car, I'd sell it for Saturns!! Don't need a Bentley to show off for attention. My thousand dollar wheels shine without tryin!! Can't beat a plastic beast!! I'd rather go ghost nightriding then to be out in the daylight and traffic!! My favorite time to drive is early morning hours when the moon is high and cars are few & far between. Plus Sc2 loves to sit pretty lakeside while watching me cast my fishin pole on repeat! My opinion is never going to change!
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