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DARCY: The Blog --> Intro, My Saturn, Weather

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Well, I currently write blogs on Facebook to high reviews, so I thought I'd get started on Sixthsphere. Being as there is now a dedicated section to blogging. Which is kinda weird, considering most of us always joked about a blogsphere.

Or maybe I just joined after there was blogs or something, but who knows.

Without further ado. DARCY: The Blog.

My Saturn

Honest to god, I never really get around to doing anything new with my car or making repairs. I am so in debt, collectors are putting on protection right now as they prepare to ram me in the ass. No joke. I can hear it in their voices when they nag me about not being able to pay the full amount to shit constantly. Like a slight giveaway that just tells me I'm gonna be butthurt.

So that being said, no money for car, just enough for gas and insurance to and from work, and that's about it. And as the neglect of proper maintenance goes on, the problems start to add up.

For example, this thing has an oil leak that requires me to add about one small jug of oil per two weeks. I don't really care, but it pisses me off. Another thing, my exhaust is broken and held up temporarily but it hangs low, leaks and hits every bump on the road. I mean people look and are like, oh that's a nice car until they either hear the riced out sounding exhaust or the exhaust scraping the ground. Fuck.

Either way though, still happy that my car won't rust on the body, and the undercoating on the bottom is doing it's job, and the engine bay is clean, so I have no complaint's structural wise. Just wish I had money. But I guess that all comes in time. I apologize to you, my Saturn. As you have a lot of hell to go to before I get you totally fixed.


Fuck you. Honestly, every year it's snowing by now. Then we get some shit fuck blizzard to get me running to the shed for the shovel before the snow blocks me out.

But not this year, this year it's been +20 celcius for the past month, and only at night does it ever get near 0 celcius. I know this game, because then suddenly one week it's gonna blizzard like there's no tomorrow, and be minus 40. It always works that way, if there is some sort of break, you get shit on tenfold. I won't even have time to shit myself, it will just freeze on it's way out before I can clean myself up.

Ever watched Day After Tomorrow? Where shit gets cold like, in a second, and people are dying like instantly? That's what happens here, minus the dying. No, we are meant to suffer and not take the easy way out.

We had a great winter one winter when I was little, and I remember in July we got a snowstorm. In the middle of July when it's normally plus 35 celcius!

Fuck you weather, because I know this nice weather won't last and you'll be shitting on us. But I'm prepared this time, my shovel is inside, and not in the shed, so gimme all you got.
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