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1999 Saturn SL2, the new Daily Driver

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Imported a 99 SL2 from Canada 3/27/2010

The Good:
173,xxx KM so about 107k Miles
Engine and Trans seem to be top notch
Super clean engine bay, no visible leaks
Keyless Entry
OEM block heater (that will be nice this year)
Tinted Windows
Damn near silent minus the suspension that needs to be replaced

The Bad:
Has tan single cam interior and one piece seats
Automatic Trans
Bad passenger side wheel bearing (400 miles of driving at 50mph sucks by the way)
Paint is flaking on the front bumper (SL1 bumper..) and the car is silver but not a Saturn silver so junkyard
has 14" wheels up front and 15s in the back

The Plan:
Try my hand at painting up a JY SL2 bumper with paint flake color match off existing bumper
Swap the black interior from my 96 SL2
Swap the front suspension from my 96 SL2 since I don't drive it much right now
Swap in the MP3 from my garage into the 96 SL2 and take the welded diff MP2 from the 96 SL2 and convert this to a manual trans
Take the Injen WAI from my 00SC1 and install on this car
Install my extra KYBs/eibachs that used to be on the SC2 (progress/kyb now)
Drive it

Updated 09-29-2010 at 07:25 PM by SC2Sick

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1999 Saturn SL2