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Xylaphobe's 95' Saturn Sc2

Xylaphobe's 95 - Cursed

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Well this car is cursed, I'm sure of it now.

After exhausting all options i was convinced that it was simply a weak engine, so we swapped the engine in from my beater shell that donated all its good parts. It seemed to be running okay. Then one night it suddenly started spitting a lot of smoke out the tailpipe. I have yet to inspect the beast to determine what has failed but I assume that another lean spike caused detonation and damaged a piston. This all seems relative to the previous owner's experience where in he blew a hole in a piston.

I'm now on the prowl for a new coupe to combine all my parts with and leave this white she devil in the dust. BAH

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  1. Jamie Q.'s Avatar
    is the head bored out? thats what ended up causing my problems, ran waaaay too lean and it pooped.