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shameless satty

the beginning of the build 2/9/2012

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Im new to blogging so i hope this sounds good. lol.
So in the last 2 days ive got the first of my parts for my turbo build:
Alpha Tuning Shorty Manifold
Alpha Tuning Intercooler Piping w/RFL Bov and Intercooler
Ians Turbo Chopstix
Ported 93 intake manifold with sps throttlebody
Mildly Ported 93 Head with EGR Block off

Sent head to machine shop today to look into a full port job.
SDA high temp seals ordered and having machine shop install them.
Still debating my fuel system options considering i have the shitty 98 returnless fuel system and am trying to use a 93 intake manifold. Been thinking about designing a bracket to allow plastic fuel rail on the manifold using a flat headed screw for bracket to manifold. Idk just an idea i guess. Other option is just rip the manifold off the current in car motor and bore that one.
trying to find resources to figure out what bore pistons is generally best for perticular hp and reliability. Injectors im just . Im very lost and need a direction to go. My goal is a 300whp car but be able to go 400whp without a whole new setup in the future.

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    Think its about time I update this. Now I have to replace the block I bought well just the case. The guy I bought it from seriously grinded bolt tabs off so me and Slammedsc2 are gonna start over on my block and start fresh. Got his old head to use instead of the 93 head. delaying me but it will be worth it in the end.