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Gutted Saturn SC

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Buy price: $650...Hey the engine worked at least..LOL

When I got this pile of junk, brakes were rotted completely out, engine was leaking oil from 3 major areas of the engine and the damn headlights were rotted out.

I cleaned up the engine as good as I could with out taking it out. Resealed the rocker cover(that silicon seal was better then the RTV that was on there...LOL... All other seals were easy fixes but I have no pics.

No heater and added up over 400 pounds of weight removed... test drive later that day felt like it was a gokart with a motorcycle engine.
Foam, fiberglass's closest friend... To cut even more weight I removed the rear lights to fab up a spot for some light weight LED trailer style lights.... Starting to get good(well to me)

Took a bit to get it right prolly about 10 hours added up of free time....

This shit is real sticky stuff..... LOL yea car got a bedliner main coat LOL

It took about a gallon to cover the car. Believe it or not its light weight paint after it dries.. 75% of the paint is Alcohol...

came out bitchen, too bad it lasted till it got cold the first time... I put too much hardner in the clear.

Test mounted gauges and deadman switches...

Got the hard part done and re wired the new lights in and found the right adapter for the rear lights...

Intercooler bath time... if you put the intercooler in water almost to the surface, when you paint it it will not cover the parts that cant have paint on them

and thats what I am up to right now... more updates to come
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  1. Greenline's Avatar

    Rear brake swap to disk done.. wow all you need is two bolts a side and done
  2. wolfdog1987's Avatar
    The trailer lights are quite an interesting idea. Also lol @ the herculiner. I like it.