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Well, I figured it's been a long time since my last one. Might as well try again.

As always, I'll hit you with topics with a ton of pointless rambling. Continue?

This Week --
Random Acts ->

Well, I haven't yet had the displeasure of getting stuck in the snow. For those whom live in areas where you get insane amounts of snow, I bet you can relate. One day you will be driving and lose control, or just not be paying attention, or whatever your case may be, and get stuck. You then hope that you will get help getting unstuck. Nothing is worse than sitting there by yourself trying to get unstuck in snow near a busy street where everyone can see you.

Let's backtrack a bit. My 2002 Saturn SL was pretty recognizable in the city, with it having a huge silver wing and the SATURN license plates. When I got stuck, which hasn't happened more than 5 times as far as I can remember, I would hope that someone would help me out. This inspired me to help others when I could, in the hopes that if they seen/recognized me on the side of the road, they would help me out. I sold that car, and started over with my 2001 Saturn SC2. This car though is a pretty generic color, and other than the license plates, I doubt anyone can tell me too much from all the other cars out there.

Anyways, this year I decided I will keep count of how many people I help out this season, and try to beat this year's score for next year. Be it pulling a car out of the ditch using a strap or helping push them out. So far I am at 3, and there has only been snow on the ground for a few days. I am going for a solid 30 at least. I challenge any of you reading to do the same, because hey, this world is pretty messed up. Good deeds make it a little better.

Technology --
Microsoft Surface ->

This honestly looks like the tablet for me. I will be the first to admit, if it wasn't for the lack of ability to modify everything, I would buy the Windows Phone 8 phones. The Samsung one is nice, the HTC one looks incredible, and the Nokia one is pretty good looking. All three phones seem decently powerful, and I absolutely love the "Metro" styling. So being that I probably won't part from the Android OS for a while, getting the Surface tablet looks pretty attractive.

I got the chance to use a demo unit at Best Buy, and honestly it is incredibly smooth, and extremely attractive. Mind you I like colorful, sharp things, and the Surface delivers in that aspect. The touch cover is kinda weird and would take some getting used to. That is the colorful cover that is also a keyboard, but the buttons don't go down. It's a weird adjustment to go from being used to typing on a keyboard that gives direct feedback through the pressing of buttons, to not feeling that feedback. Granted, you can see what you are typing on the screen. Most existing tablet users shouldn't find this troublesome as you already type on iPads and other things directly on the screen with the same no feedback. I'm just personally not used to it. Though I hear you can get covers with the keyboard that provides press feedback. That would be pretty neat.

The USB port is nice for a mouse, and the kickstand is great, pretty much a laptop when you need it, tablet when you need a tablet. The price point leaves me in the dust, but hey, Christmas is coming up right?

Automotive --
Opel Astra GTC ->

This thing is pretty neat, kinda makes me wish the Saturn brand didn't die, and that this would have been imported. BiTurbo Diesel, and the front window is super tall, and reaches over the top. That's uninterrupted viewing of the sky, that's pretty god damn neat. I wonder about the safety, but I'm sure it's alright. I don't know when it would come in handy, but it would be neat to throw off whoever sits beside you and have them gaze up out the front window.

Gaming --
Forza Horizon ->

This game feels like where Need For Speed should have went, after Most Wanted. This looked graet, and promised a simulator/arcade feel. Unfortunately it just provides an arcade feel, but it's a great game to pick up and play. The world is huge, but leaves you wanting to be able to ACTUALLY free roam. Free roaming that is available in that game is nice, but the actual areas you can drive, other than the golf course, is only on the roads/back roads. Left me wanting more. Also travelling place to place manually rather than fast travel or a race menu is annoying over time for me. I like to progress through the game, not spend my time travelling the roads. This is all personal though, the worlds look good but.. I don't know.

This is the main cause of me only being able to play this game for so long before I turn to something like Gran Turismo 5, or Grand Theft Auto 4. But like I said, this is all just personal opinion. What do I know lol.

Sixthsphere This Week --
Newbies ->

have you noticed that there has been less activity in the Welcome Center for a bit, then all of a sudden a few started popping up every day? It's great to have new people along for the ride, and to get to know other people, I just wish they would stay. Meaning keep their activity up. Only a select few kinda stick around, I guess maybe they aren't used to using a forum often, or maybe they lose interest? Sixthsphere is a great community if you get along with the existing members. I must admit, I probably wouldn't have had my Saturns survive very long if it wasn't for the knowledge I have gained from this place. If any new guys are reading this, stick around! Post up often, this place needs activity!


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