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I plan on making these once a week, however to boost the blog, I'll be creating 3, one day after the other. Then weekly from there.

As always, I'll hit you with topics with a ton of pointless rambling. Continue?

Technology --
Nintendo Wii U ->

It is no secret that Nintendo is an innovator. In a gaming war where more processing power, and better graphics has been the battle, Nintendo took a different approach with their Nintendo Wii, released years ago. Instead of focusing on power (even though it could hold it's own compared to past consoles), they focused on motion controls. It was a risky gamble that Nintendo took, but one that paid off. I remember for two straight holiday seasons, that the Nintendo Wii was sold out. And you know what, it was, and still is one hell of a console.

The Nintendo Wii had a great start and enjoyed good sales, but began to lag behind. The idea of motion controls was no longer new, and used by the competition in forms of the Playstation Move and the XBOX Kinect. Nintendo had to think of something. So they innovated one more time. The Nintendo Wii U was born. Pretty much a Nintendo Wii, but with a controller that had a touchscreen.

This idea is great! Having a seperate screen makes for good hide and seek games, and gives a new twist to any type of game. It honestly intrigues me, and I am very interested in the product. I haven't heard much on sales, but it looks fantastic. Not because of how it looks/feels/performs now, but for the possibilities into the future for games that could be developed for such a console. Nintendo needs this one to take off, as it's 3DS was not as successful as they had hoped. Only time will tell!

Check out the trailer for the console below:

Automotive --
Chevrolet Corvette C7 ->

I'll be the first to admit, I am not a huge fan of Corvettes. I did like the newest Corvette design though, even if they are a bit plasticky. Which shouldn't be a problem anyways, since, well look on what website you're reading this on. Either way, Chevrolet is saying they will be releasing a new picture each week until it's January 13 announcement early next year. Apparently they will not have finalized a transmission at that point, and will be using an 8 speed Aisin transmission according to a short term agreement between them and Chevrolet. But hell, who doesn't love a nice marketing strategy amirite?

Check it out below:

Gaming --
Grand Theft Auto 5 ->

Have you seen the new trailer?! Looks incredible. The story revolves around 3 characters, that you can switch in between when you are not in a mission. That sounds like a pretty damn good idea, and I look forward to see how it plays out. The newest trailer shows planes, AND trains. Not that I was the biggest fan of driving trains in San Andreas, but it's really cool to have that option return.

Looks like a huge landscape, and I hope there is car customization returning to GTA. It seems that once the series hits a new technology, such as GTA 3, it is very linear. There isn't much going on, but as the technology becomes a bit older and we find new ways of making it run faster, smoother, you get new features. Think, GTA: San Andreas vs GTA 3. That seems like the evolution here, GTA 5 vs GTA 4.

But the thing that really blew my mind: Dogs. That is honestly the coolest addition to GTA in my opinion. Not the most useful, not the best, but definitely the coolest. I'm very interested to see how they are implemented in the game. Haven't seen the trailer?

Check out the new trailer below:

Sixthsphere This Week --
Pioneer~Saturn's Build ->

Catching attention since first starting his build, Pioneer~Saturn's car has been completely transformed, and is still a work in progress. Dual alternators, a massive setup, custom roof and cemented floor are just some of the many modifications that he has undertaken. The car must weigh an incredible amount, but according to him, it is necessary to gain the sound he needs to win him more bass competitions. If you haven't seen his build before, take a look at the many pages dedicated to his project. Kudos on keeping us updated often, every step of the way!

Check out his build thread below:


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