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Welcome to my Sixthsphere Blog.

As always, I'll hit you with topics with a ton of pointless rambling. Continue?

This Week --
Hydro Pole in Middle of Road ->

What the hell is this lol. Apparently according to the news story, miscommunication was the cause of a road being paved around a Quebec Hydro pole, leading drivers to have to drive around the pole. This is more funny than sad. Although still quite a bit of both. I just don't see how the contractors didn't stop until pole placement could be figured out, instead they just went ahead. I wish I could write more about this, but just read up on the story, it's worth a bit of your time!

Only in Quebec..

Check out the story below:

Technology --
Google Backgrounds ->

Day 4 without a Google Background. Early in September, it was announced to users whom put a background on their Google search page, that backgrounds would be disappearing in order to "streamline" the user experience. I honestly loved this feature. I hate the blinding white page, and I loved having a sharp looking, fresh page to look at. I like this on Sixthsphere too, using it in dark mode.

This leads me to my next point, and that is that I will be trying out Bing in the meantime for all searches for the next week. It's a bit different of an experience (I've tried it once or twice) but I always found myself to come back to Google, due to Google having easier to navigate searches and usually better results for what I'm searching for. But Bing is highly customizable, which is something that I wasn't expecting to have on my high list of priorities. But after losing that little customization option on Google, I feel like I should give Bing a shot. So swing by next week for the review!

Tell me, what do you think about the removal of custom backgrounds on Google?

Automotive --
Electric Car Noise ->

Points to those who know which dealerships sold the above car.

I think this is old news, as I remember there being a concern about this, but apparently it's new news! In England, they are setting a law where hybrid/electric cars will have to emit a sound. This move hopes to reduce the risk of someone getting hit, or hitting an electric car, or hybrid, because of the vehicle emitting next to no sound. (Whoo, run on sentences!) The reason this is new news is because it is actually set to become a law next year, which means that this has really progressed. To me, this validates the long term existence of the electric car.

I also remember Ford having an opinion poll, to vote on which sound the new Electric Ford Focus should have. There were sounds like normal cars, to spaceship sounds.. it was definitely weird.

Do you agree with the need to have an audible tone projected from electric cars?

Gaming --
Gran Turismo 5 ->

Bias opinion alert.

I was playing around with camera settings, in the hopes of getting a realistic photo from Gran Turismo 5. I had previously attempted this with Forza 3/Forza Horizon (I don't own 4) and it just was impossible. The camera settings have some room for creativity, giving you filters, panning modes, control over aperature and exposure as well as shutter speeds.. What can go wrong? Well my router has a weird setup that won't allow my PS3 to attach my files and shoot them to my Gmail to show you guys.. So instead, you get the above photo

Gad damn that's good. I guess the only reason I'm posting on here about this, is because I'm still blown away by the realism you can get in these photos. That being said, I do have one complaint. Standard cars. These are models used in previous games, or new cars altogether that did not receive attention to detail. When you take photos of these vehicles, it comes out looking like a PS2 game. That's still my major complaint about this game. Standard cars suck, as you can't do too much to them visually. But I digress.

Go take some photos on GT5 and post them up. Impress me. Do it here:

Sixthsphere This Week --
460~ HP Tracker ->

The above photo is not the vehicle for sale. There aren't too many eBay auctions that can surprise us now a days. But once in a while something comes up you just can't help but look at.

This is one of those auctions. Or was. This auction has ended.

Check out the Sixthsphere thread below:


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