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Xylaphobe's 95' Saturn Sc2

Long time over due update.

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I bought a car from a member on this forum. Its a 1996 Black SC2, it was a special edition car in 1996, black non metallic paint, red pinstripe, beige perforated leather seats, and teardrop2s.

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The one I purchased has a nice stainless header and a stainless exhaust on it. The rear breaks needed doing before I left Maine where I bought it and the suspension needed replacing the following spring. The springs and struts from the 1995 made their way over to the 1996. I proceeded to drive it happily for most of the summer before attempting a bushing swap including the clean subframes from the 1995. that's where this post in my technical thread comes in.

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Necromancing my own thread.

The last thing that happened with this car was we pulled the engine and swapped in a known good bone stock LL0. The car appeared to run much better, then I ran it for a few days and it started to blow oil smoke out the exhaust. I deemed the problem neigh unsolvable.

Fast forward several months to modern day.

I am driving a black '96 SC2 5spd, mostly stock with the struts and springs from the white car on it. We go to do the bushings on the front and rear subframe with the subframes off of the white '95. We discover 80% of the rear subframe to body bolts on the '96 just spin in rusty captive nuts. This along with a large amount of rust in the floor of the car causes us to stop the project and revert the work already done. I proceed lament about the woe that is me and my experience in Saturns. I begin to count my money as well as look at my pile of Saturn parts that I have. I think about buying a Subaru and selling out of the Saturn world, but then I decide to give it one last try. Now a plan begins to take shape.

We decide that in the spring we will gut the interior on the '95. We will gut all of the wiring and fueling equipment. Then we will transplant the entire electrical system and drive train from the black '96 into the body of the '95. The idea behind this crazy Frankenstein of a plan is simple. I have two different chassis with two very different problems. The '95 that has an odd electrical/fueling systemic issue and a solid body. Then the '96 that has a functional electrical/fueling system and a rotten body.

Why am I telling you all this you may be asking. What I want is any insight, any tips or ideas or warnings. Good or bad tidings, questions, and all manner of input is invited.

Swapping entire electrical/fuel system from a 1996 SC2 into a 1995 SC2 attempting to solve original problem. Looking for input.

The plan is to get everything into the 1995 body including all the suspension parts I have. Including Progress 1.8s on KYBs the full bushing kit, green stuff brake pads, maybe finding the time to do a proper rack de power. Also drop in the stock 1996 drive train. If the car runs properly and doesn't exhibit any of the electrical issues found on it previously then it will be time to revisit the engine and trans for the white car to begin with. Do a full tear down and refresh of anything damaged in the engine have basic machine work done and the reassemble the engine ourselves this time. This along with installing the Mfactory LSD and fidanza to complete the drive train. Then It just comes down to how I can get the best street tune, with either the Geo TB I have or the bored out SPS unit that I have.

Ramblings of a guy with no garage to work during the winter.
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