AJ to answer your question about the chopstix (now that I've run them for awhile) I like them. They are a lot more streetable then the gudes I had previously.

They still have a decent lope to them but I like it and off idle isn't terrible. Parking lots can get slightly jumpy but not bad at all. They also hold top end a lot better then stock but still build boost really well unlike the gudes boost was very delayed. I guess it depends on what you're trying to do with the car. The gudes did help with mid range traction.

Unfortunately I didn't realize the intake I got doesn't work with P/S and sense this is more of a daily then anything I want to keep P/S so I'm working with dwillmon and Siris on a new manifold that uses the stock runners but a bigger plenum and TB.

Car is getting a full 3" exhaust this Thursday. Stainless and mandrel so it should flow a good bit more then the crappy 2 1/4" I have now.

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