I did this little write up for a member on SaturnFans and figured I would submit it here for future reference since it is a common problem. The contacts on the GM key FOBs like to get extremely dirty rather fast and make it seem like your FOB is broken. Most dealerships will sell you a brand new one instead of telling you to clean it. If yours doesnt work, or is very touchy or difficult to get working, try this.....

this is your key FOB. in that location you'll find a larger groove. stick a flat head in there, or a butter knife, and twist it. the plastic will pop apart, pull it the rest of the way with your fingers.

Now its open, though the battery will fall out when you pull it apart, i just set it back in there for the pic (the battery goes in + side down)

at the bottom of the FOB (closest to where it connects to a key rig) there is a gap of grey, where the circuit board ends. Use your finger to pop the circuit board up in that location.

you will need to clean the front side of that circuit board as well as the rubber contact surface on the grey piece that is still in the FOB.

Also, the grey does come out if you wish.

Use a couple q-tips and a little rubbing alcohol. Make sure is dry when you put it back together. Insatllation is the opposite of disassembly