These rules are NOT negotiable and apply site-wide.
Specific forums that have their own set of secondary rules will have a red "Forum Rules" box posted at the top of the page.

Violations of these rules will earn you a warning against your account.
After your third warning, the forum software will automatically ban you for 3 days.

1. Basic Behaviorial Rules
SixthSphere will NOT tolerate the following:
* Racism
* Threats of any kind
* negativity towards the site or its members
* openly verbally attacking someone
* starting threads for the purpose of increasing post count or creating drama
* being disruptive
* make posts about problems you might have with the site, members, or staff.
* any other behavior detrimental to sixthspheres image.

2. Creating a Second Account to Avoid a Ban

If you are banned and create a new account, you will be banned permanently.
All IP addresses are logged when you sign up for an account here. staff monitors the new accounts for IP matches, we will catch you.
In the event that up become unbanned for unknown reasons( software update to the board ect.) you are sill considered banned and will be rebanned unless giving premission by the sixthsphere to become and active member agian.

3. Posting Pornographic Material is Prohibited
Posting pornographic pictures, cartoons, etc. is NOT allowed here,
with the exception of the NSFW Forum, which is an opt-in forum and locked by default.
If you post pornographic material ANYWHERE, you will receive an instant 7 day ban.
This includes your avatars and signature images

4. Signature Images
Signature images should not exceed 600 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall.
If your signature is too large, you will be first contacted by a staff member.
The second time, we will simply delete the images for you.
If this occurs a third time, we will take your signature priveledges away.

5. Waking the Dead / Thread Zombies
Unless you have an addition to an old post that could be helpful, or a question that has not been answered, do not bump old topics.
"Yeah, this happened to me too" is not a valid reason to revive a topic zombie.

Advertising other sites is Prohibited. Any link posted for the sole purpose of monetary gain is not allowed.
Linking a user to another site that might sell things is ok, as long as you are not associated with the linked site.

7. Selling Items Outside the For Sale section

Selling Items Outside the For Sale section is prohibited. If you post an item for sale outside FS, it will be deleted.
If you do not have access to the FS Section you can list your items on ebay or craigslist, and post a link to them in the Ebay/Craigslist forum only.

These rules may be changed without notice