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    OFFICIAL Suspension/Brakes/Chassis Forum Rules - Read First!

    Since I have been blessed with mod powers in this forum, I'm making some rules. Enjoy.

    1. Search

    2. SEARCH

    If the forum search isn't coming up with what you like, you can also try going to and typing

    (what you want to search for) Ex: brake upgrade

    3. Read the stickies.

    Very much time and energy has been (and will continue to be) put into compiling stickies. Use them.

    4. No Vague Questions.

    Don't ask questions like: "What's the best tire I can get for stock wheels?" (yes, that was a real question in this forum). If you seek advice, tell us what you intend to use the car for/what your goal is. Tell us your current setup. Tell us anything and everything that may be related to your question. Without this you're bound to get a ton of answers that are all wrong yet all correct in one way or another. Its a waste of time and a waste of server space.

    This is becoming increasingly problematic among wheel/tire fitment threads, so I made an official thread here:!

    5. Beware of subjective comments

    Things like ride quality, damping, steering response, turn-in, etc are all subjective without a good comparison. With a few exceptions, most on this board have not experienced a lot of different setups, so have no basis for comparison. Comments such as "H&R springs ride awesome" should be taken with a grain of salt. Your ass may be more or less sensitive to ride quality than someone else. On the same token, please do not make comments like this. Its annoying.

    6. Remember people are naturally biased.

    This goes hand in hand with #5. This is extremely common in this forum, so take note. People are naturally biased. Chances are, whatever you are asking about, they are going to recommend the product that they bought. Why? Because they spent money on it and want to justify/defend their purchase. If you bought something that sucks, just say so. You'll be saving others the same trouble. If you have no basis for comparison... just say so. Be honest people.


    If you are giving advice about a product, please be as specific as you can be. Examples:

    "I've had 2 sets of Azenis RT615. They stick pretty well, and wear fairly well considering their grip - about 15k miles. They hydroplane easily in the rain. I will probably buy them again, but I don't autocross. They definitely grip better than the RS2." Good

    "I had a set of azenis and they were awesome. my tires never squealed and I took turns really fast" Bad

    Other notes on the same subject:

    Don't EVER EVER EVER use the statement "I can take a X mph turn at Y mph". Its an absolutely worthless comparison.

    Don't give advice about a product you have no experience with.

    8. No Huge Pictures.

    Keep images to 800 pixels wide or less. If you feel the need to go larger, use a link/click-able thumbnail. I reserve the right to delete your picture if you go larger than this.

    9. Damping, not dampening.

    Dampening/Dampened = getting/got wet. Like a damp towel. Damping/Damped means resisting/resisted motion. Like a shock absorber. Please use these words correctly, or be subject to a punishment of my choosing.

    Note: Thanks to Buttdyno on Nasioc, whom I stole a lot of these rules from.
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