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    OFFICIAL Suspension, Wheel & Tire Sticky


    Suspension wiki link

    Springs, Coilovers and Swaybars

    Front Sway Bars
    SOHC Front Bar
    DOHC Front Bar
    ICY Racing Front Bars (unobtanium) = Solid DOHC
    Zero Effect Front Bar

    Rear Sway Bars
    SPS 16
    SPS 16.5 3-way
    SPS 17.5 4-way
    Progress 19 3-way
    AMR 19mm
    RPM 19mm
    AMR 22mm

    Rear End-Links

    How a Swaybar works

    Which springs for me?

    Using WRX Raceland Coilovers

    Tophats to adapt WRX Coilovers (work in progress)


    Shocks - This article is from "Autocross to win" (link below under Tuning Philosophy), but deserves special mention here. Want to know how to adjust your struts? Why your ride feels bouncy? What the well known brands are? Read this.

    Shock Buyer's Guide - Also from Autocross to win. Short and 100% worth the read.

    Strut Info


    OE Wheel Specs

    All S-Series wheels are:
    - 15" x 6"
    - 4 x 100 mm bolt pattern
    - 50 mm offset
    - 57.1 mm hub bore

    OFFICIAL Wheel and Tire fitment thread

    Quick Fitment Calculators
    Tire OD
    Tire OD and Width
    Total combo

    Wheel Studs
    The Dorman part number for longer GM wheel studs is 610-323.1
    The GM part number is 22551491
    These wheel studs are 54mm long vs. 42mm stock wheel studs

    Stock wheel stud specs:
    - 12-1.5 thread pitch
    - 12.7 mm knurl diameter
    - 42 mm length
    - 7 mm shoulder diameter

    Other Suspension Related Items

    Hub Spacers
    Get them here: Only available to registered and approved users

    Steering rack depower, power to manual conversion

    Steering Racks:
    91 SC (3 port) 2.6 Turns Lock to Lock
    92+ SC (2 port) 2.6 Turns Lock to Lock
    91 SL1/SL2/SW1/SW2 (3 port) 3 Turns Lock to Lock
    92+ SL1/SL2/SW1/SW2 (2 port) 3 Turns Lock to Lock
    Manual (All Year SL/SW) 4 Turns Lock to Lock

    More detail here:

    Tuning Philosophy

    This article was written by a friend of mine and former suspension mod on NASIOC. I co-drive a wrx with him in STX. Its a good article to read before you start throwing useless stuff at your car.

    Autocross to win - certainly worth the read, even if you aren't building an autox car. Much of the physics behind race setups is discussed.

    Alignments settings
    Insert thread here

    Other Suspension Reading

    Build a Faster Car - an excellent site discussing the physics/engineering behind cars
    Shut down


    DIY Alignment
    Pics are gone

    Install Springs/Struts
    Insert Thread Here

    Install and Setup Coilovers
    Insert Thread Here
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    Re: OFFICIAL Suspension, Wheel & Tire Sticky


    Note that this section only discusses the strut/damper when used with stock springs.

    For coilovers, see here:
    Insert link

    What does a strut do?
    Basically the job of a strut in our car is to provide damping (note that I did not say dampening ), just like a shock absorber does. Damping is resistance to motion used to reduce the amplitude of oscillations in an oscillatory system. In other words, keep your car from bouncing up and down on your springs forever after you hit a bump. There are 3 types of damped systems: Underdamped, Overdamped, and Critically damped. I'm not going to go super in depth here.. if you'd like to know more, read the wiki damping article. All you need to know at this point is that all street car suspensions are (or should be) Underdamped. This means the system will oscillate at least once before returning to equilibrium.

    How can I tell if my struts are bad?

    What OE Replacement struts are available for the S-Series?

    -Suspension Techniques - rumored to be ??% "stiffer" than factory struts.
    -Monroe HD - have a larger housing and are the only OE struts (that we know of) capable of taking a Koni 8610 or 8611 insert.
    -KYB - rumored to have 40% "more damping" in the front than factory struts.

    Which strut will perform best with drop spring XXX?
    Work in progress

    Will lowering springs reduce the life of my struts?
    Work in progress

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