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    Been Registered...

    Quite a minute too, looks like just over a year I've been registered now! Figured I would drop in and finally introduce myself, lol. I'm from Bay City, MI.

    My name is Dennis, but all of my friends and family call me DJ, or Denny (for the forum guys/gals, hah).

    I currently own a 2002 Saturn SC2 manual, but have owned more S cars before this one.

    Good to be here, and as I have already browsed through several threads, I hope to ask questions, receive some solid answers, and learn a lot more in the process. Thanks!

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    Welcome Dennis.

    There are a couple of us in Brighton and Ann arbor. I see youre up in the pit of the thumb.
    Let me know if there is any good camping up there!

    Also, you may want to start a thread in the noob/welcome center. Or one of the Mods can move this.
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