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    Seat heater install

    I'm installing seat heaters into my wife's 07 ION Redline for a Christmas present. Thought I should take a few pics along the way.
    I am using this kit:
    Water Carbon Premium Heated Seat Kits for Two Seats -5 Dial Setting Kit for Two Seats

    Since the seats pads themselves would be the most time consuming I did them first.
    -Remove seats from car (2 bolts each for ION seats)

    -Remove seat skins, partially. No need to remove headrests, just scoot the skin up untill you have the room you need. These seats are super easy to pull the skins off, so I didn't bother with pictures. I'm willing to bet the Sseries seats are just as easy. Just take your time and be nice to the covers.

    -Apply the seat pad to the base. Afik it's OK to trim these to length/to avoid cushion seams. You can cut a chunk out of the middle if you have to. Just as long as you don't sever the main side conductor bars on one side and not the other. The instructions make it clear not to fold the conductor filaments. Trim it instead if you have to go over or stop at a seat crease.

    -The harness exits the rear center of the pad, so plan where you want it to go now as you put the skin back on. Since this pic is of passenger side, I have mine tucked in and routed with the airbag and seatbelt signal harness.

    -Apply the pad to the seat back. No cutting was needed here besides some excess pad material towards the top.

    -Routing the harness out of the backs is trickier, if you have lumbar adjustment on the seat that adjusts with a knob up front, ziptie the harness to that cable. If not, just route it carefully. Make sure it is clear and secure from being pinched by the mechanisms as the seat reclines etc. The pass seat on ION coupes folds forward to provide a completely flat surface for whatever (it's really handy). So double check that you have enough harness to allow full movement range of the seats.

    -I had to use a sledge and chisel to bend a bit of bracket out of the way on my IONs drivers side seat back. It would pinch the harness as the seat got near it's max reclined position.

    *more to come*
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    Here's my install for the S Series .... S Series Seat Heater Install
    1999 SL2 MT (272K km, 10-2016 to present)
    2001 SL1 MT (428K km, 10-2008 to present)

    1993 SW2 AT (03-2000 to 04-2010)
    2001 LW200 MT (06-2001 to 01-2005)
    1992 SL2 MT (06-1992 to 09-1997)

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