Haven't been here in ages and the answer is probably obvious but Sattie (3rd gen SOHC sedan) went down last February and didn't have the time/funds to get her back on the road. (Life) Family gave $$$ and got a 14 Sonata. Anywhoo, Sattie would run as normal but after a bit of driving would slip out of any gear above 2nd. I could let her sit a while and she would shift like normal but eventually the same thing would happen. Friend replaced trans fluid and added some junk (while at work) to help with slipping trans but same results. Fast forward to Monday night and took her for a ride. Shifting as normal then eventually, slipping out of gear thing happened.

Long story short: 3rd gen auto trans slipping after warm-up period. Let's sit and back to normal for a little, problem returns.
Any fix or this or just grab a JY trans again and problem solved?