Hi all been a while.

How many Ontarians do we have now?
Over the next couple of months I will be emptying my sheds / racking and getting rid of my tractor trailer of parts.
In the spring I will likely be moving a decent distance and not bringing the scrap yard with me lol
I've chopped up over 30 turds over the years and have sold a lot of it but still have a bunch left from 2nd gen coupes and 3rd gen sedans it seems.
The family has moved on and there are sadly only 3 s series left in the family.
When I re inventory I will post up the stock and fun stuff separately.
Still have 3 sedans on the chopping block lol....... anyways. So if any locals want doors, body panels or stock parts in general keep an eye out
If people want it shipped it's possible but not cheap from up here and I don't live near my storage anymore so for items that are free or a couple bucks don't be in a hurry!