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    Longtime. I love you longtime, owner, first time poster

    Hi All,
    I'm still driving my 2002 SL2 (manual) that I purchased, brand new, in November of 2001. It has 85,000 miles on it and still runs as well as the day I bought it. This little car is great for sitting outside in the Florida sun all day long and towing behind our RV when we take vacations - but, I wish it was a little more fun to drive.

    So, when I discovered this site a few months ago, my first thought was, "Cool, I can turbo-charge my Saturn!" - but I kept reading. Sadly, I must admit that the whole Megasquirt thing is beyond my capabilities. I have added a short ram air intake and a high flow exhaust system. Now that my car is breathing better, I'm wondering what can be done to add some horsepower short of the complexity of turbo/megasquirt? Larger fuel injectors? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    For NA horsepower you can't do much without needing adjustment of fuel and timing (megasquirt or otherwise).
    stock computer cant too much beyond oem requirements. OEM injectors are plenty for NA setup.

    buy a second saturn and play with that, so you aren't dependent on it. You might be want to check out Electromotive, a little pricier than MS but we have a contact on here who knows it dang well. see thread:


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