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    '97 SW2 worth buying?

    Is this car worth messing with?
    -The guys had it just a couple of months, seven owners.
    -It leaks a 3-4" circle of oil every time that its parked. He says that he's putting in a third of a quart a week.

    My understanding is that replacing the main seal is a day's work, though I haven't found a write up for how to do it on the S-series.

    97 SW2 5 speed with the DOHC motor, 211k miles, runs really strong
    -leaks oil at rear main seal (comes with new seal)
    -needs front wheel bearing ($20)
    -failed emissions testing
    -needs alignment. stearing wheel is off 20 degrees.
    -wrinkle in the hood, though not terrible.

    -straight body
    -clean underside, almost no rust
    -Runs great
    -clutch feels great
    -alloy wheels
    -3 new motor mounts
    -Recent Brakes
    -New Calipers
    -new Tie rod ends
    -new Ball joints
    -new Lower control arms
    -new Bushings
    -new axles
    -New Belts
    -new Plugs and wires

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    not sure how much you have to put into it.


    I got my 02 sc1 for 400 dollars With 199K, needed the transmission valve body replaced. paid 250 for the valve body did the install myself, Runs great and every paycheck I replace a part or 2 based on age, currently replacing the sensors. not to bad on the wallet if you look for the best deals. if you have a talent or skill you can barter with someone who will do the work with or for you.

    best of Luck

    otherwise I would suggest looking for something in better condition for about the same price.

    maybe save a few hundred more and get a decent one that does not need very much work if you are not up to doing much right away, $800 - $1000 is a good range, may even
    2002 Saturn SC1, Metallic Orange , L24 1.9 , 202,681 miles

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