Hey everyone,

I haven't posted in years. I recently upgraded my 1991 Saturn SL2 to LED lighting. LEDs in the parking lights, brake lights, and turn signals. I swapped out the flasher to a Novitá EP35 flasher that works for LEDs. It flashes a bit faster than stock, but not to the point of hyper-flashing. My problem is, I recently upgraded my instrument cluster lights to LED and installed two LED bulbs in the turn signal indicators. They work, but now the actual turn signal bulbs in the exterior are very faint. Mostly likely from the entire turn signal circuit drawing very little power. Is there any other kind of flasher unit that will remedy this problem? I haven't been able to find any "no load" flashers online. The Novitá only handles 4 LED bulbs in the circuit. I don't want to install resistors because it defeats the purpose of LED lighting. I was wondering if anyone else has any experience dealing with this issue. For now I've put the incandescent bulbs back in place in the cluster turn signal lights.