I bought the 2002 Saturn SC1 1 year ago for $400 with 199,200 miles on it and now looking back at what was done to it since.


Transmission Valve Body (sonnax $240)
Replaced all Fluids, oil, anti-freeze (used High Mileage)
Top Motor Mount
Ignition Coils
Spark Plug Wires
Spark Plugs (NGK)
Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor ( ECT)
MAP Sensor
Idle Air Control
Headlight Assemblies
Foot Well Lights in the front ( did not come with them, used LED )
Double Din 7" Touch Screen Stereo w/ Back Up Cam ($25)
Replaced 50% of the light bulbs with LED
Front Wheel Bearings w/ Wheel Alignment
Windsheild wiper blades
Ceramic Brake pads (Front)

Oddball Stuff

Steam Cleaned the seats and carpet
Rubbing compound and a good wax
Got the A/C working and Recharged A/C
Cleaned Intake (seafoam dump)

Want To Do

Find a replacement LED Dome light to replace the old dim one
New Exhaust System, it's a little loud ( looks like Factory on this )
Get some 15" or 16" wheels and tires ( maybe )
Maybe replace the rest of the lights with LED

This drives great now but, kind of weird lately, doing a stutter start. Starter? well if that's the case may as well replace the Crank Sensor as well...

Well I'm off to start a new year.