Hi Everyone!

Sometime in mid 2001 I made the fateful decision to trade in my gas guzzling 89 Toyota 4Runner for a used 99 Saturn SL with manual everything. They didn't have a crank start option so I settled for electric start. I was a sucker and the dealership ripped me off. I ended up paying in interest more than the car was worth. But even so over the next 11 years that car saved me enough in fuel costs to pay for itself TWICE. I was able to get 44 mpg, knowing next to nothing about cars or engines. It burned oil like crazy and still saved me money.

I had that car until February 2013, when I moved to San Francisco where having a car is a liability. I signed it over to my good friend who was getting eaten alive by fuel costs for his gas guzzling truck. He fixed it up a bit and then drove it into a horse or two. Well that's not technically correct, the horses tried to jump over his car while he was driving down a country road and one of them miscalculated. In that contest both horse and car bit the dust. My friend barely survived and is now okay. (He has since bought another Saturn SL1).

Fast forward to now, I'm looking for my own Second Saturn. I know a bit about engines now and plan on getting a late model SC2, rebuilding the engine to solve the oil burning issue, and tweaking it to get it to 42mpg highway. That's the goal anyway, can I actually get 42mpg? We will see.

So here I am. I will probably have a lot of questions as I proceed. I still need to get the actual car.

A little about me:

I currently divide my life between SoCal and San Francisco.

I am recovering accountant turned software developer. (I don't give tax advice, so don't even ask. I will tear off all my clothes, and run screaming away from you.)

I also ride a motorcycle, a suped up Kawasaki KLR650. By suped up I mean it gets 43bhp instead of the stock 38hp. Yeah, it's a monster.

And I know how to use a sword. Actually use, not "swing around and hurt myself" use.

I have a few plans for my Saturn-to-be

  • Rebuild the engine, replace oil-burny pistons with non-oil-burny-pistons as well as all the bearings and such.
  • Convert from automatic to manual (if I get an automatic)
  • Replace the butt-hurty stock driver seat with a butt-comfy aftermarket seat
  • Remove the rear seats to reduce weight (I don't ever carry more than one passenger)
  • Replace the ugly steel wheels with pretty alloy wheels
  • Swap out the stock suspension parts with better aftermarket parts
  • Increase steering angle by removing or resizing the the rack limiter (if it has one)
  • Install a deep-cycle battery so I can use my car as a power source while camping.
  • Replace the stock wheel bearings with better ones.
  • Install side lip and rear diffuser to reduce flow detachment (rear vacuum)
  • Install side mirror skirts to disrupt flow detachment around the mirrors (basically install top and bottom visors of different lengths - plan to smoke test to see if it works)
  • and the big one, that will probably never happen because it probably won't work anyway and would cost a lot of money to even try:
    • Get some Tesla Model 3 aero wheels and fit them to the car (seriously want this, but is probably not doable :-(

That's it for now!