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    Let's talk about wheel fitment. S-Series.

    Let's talk about wheel fitment. Let's not talk about what looks good, hot, awesome, or silly. Please confine the conversation to fitment. Because it doesn't matter how good it looks if you can't safely leave the driveway. And once we know what fits, we can get creative.

    For the purposes of this conversation "fits" means that given a stock suspension, the wheel and tire can sit inside the wheel well without other modification to the car and will never come in contact with any other components. So with that definition, let's talk about what wheel size, width, backspacing, offset, and any other relevant measure you know about that will get us an aftermarket wheel that fits safely on our S-Series cars.

    The goal is come up with rim and tire fitment combinations that we can use regardless of style.

    Here is a quick primer on wheel offset

    Why am I posting this, a lesson learned the hard way:
    I got a used SC2 with some nice looking rims. The only problem was that they were too wide for the front of the car. They rubbed AND they sat directly under the strut coils, just waiting for one big bounce to tear into the tire. And yes, the previous owner did drive on these, for years.

    Those wheels are Katana GF7 wearing 225/40ZR18 tires

    The tires measure approximately 9 inches wide on the rim, with 2 inches directly under the coil. So we can see that the following specs do NOT work for this car.

    Brand: Katana
    Model: GF7
    Partnumber: GF7-7701GML
    Color: Gunmetal with a Machined Lip
    Backspacing: 5.57
    Offset: +40
    Wheelsize: 17
    Wheelwidth: 7
    Hubbore: 73.10
    Loadrating: 1520
    Wheel Exposed Lugs: Yes
    Wheel Material: Alloy
    Wheel Structure: One Piece
    Wheel Spoke Number: 7
    Bolt Patterns: 4x100 4x4.5 5x100 5x4.5 4x100

    According to some sites, these wheels fit the car. The following pictures tell a different story.

    Looks cool right?


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    There is a sticky in the suspension section that covers exactly what you want.

    As far as the Gap at the top of the wheel between the lower spring perch, it's fine I've run tighter than that before.
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    The piece above the wheel will not hit the tire, the lower control arm and lower half of the strut moves with the tire. The top half is what gets compressed
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    With 18” wheels you want to stay close to the 215/35/18 range for tire size. 205/40 or 225/30. They are between 1/8-1/4 inch difference in overall diameter. The 215/35/18 on +42 wheels is what I run with no issues. I’m even lowered a lot with stock alignment settings

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