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    Valve Body Removal and inspection

    1) What tools do I need to get a TAAT valve body from the junkyard?

    8mm (or whatever valve body cover bolts are)
    10mm socket
    Socket wrench

    Am I missing anything?

    2) Is there any way to do a junkyard visual inspection of these to estimate how borked they are?

    3) Were there any changes that made these better or worse over the years?

    I only need a semi-temporary solution to sell this thing, trying to avoid putting a $200 valve body on a $600 car.

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    A small pry bar may be needed to get the top cover off.

    You check the resistance of he solenoids to see if they are good. Other than that you would have to take the valve body apart and check the movement of the valves for binding. I don't suggest doing that in a yard as the check balls and springs can be easily lost. It it best to have a proper work station to take one of those apart.
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