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    Dyno Tuning process

    For those with experience putting their cars on the dyno, is there a certain process that is followed for adjusting ignition timing? Is the starting point with "All-in" at peak torque all the way to redline, and then start playing with advance to see how the power is affected, or is there some process that is followed to tune advance?
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    Bump start low to be safe but high enough to make power. If it is N/A then start at maybe 25-26 degrees around peak torque. Make a couple of pulls and to get an idea of what it is making then add a degree. You should see a healthy increase in power. Make a couple of pulls at that spot to make sure there were not flukes and then add another degree. Once you stop seeing large gains then you stop adding timing. For example:

    If you add a degree and see 5whp with each degree and then on the last jump you see only 3whp, then stop adding timing and remove 0.5-1 degree. When you stop seeing larger gains you are close to making the max power...backing it off to the last setting will keep the engine at a safe spot. Once you get that number at peak torque then you can make everything after peak torque the same number. If you want you can try adding a little timing closer to redline as the torque falls to try and keep the power up but that will be more determinate on the cams and air flow and you may not get much power out of it. I wouldn't try to add much timing up top unless you have a way to accuratley monitor knock...which is very hard to do pat 3-4k from all the noise. Start will just one cell up top and do the same thing... add one degree at a time and see how it responds. Once you settle in on that number you and interpolate between the peak torque number and your high rpm number and you should be good to go.
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