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    My first post and intro to myself

    Hi I got into Saturn's when. My dad gave me an old 93 sc2 that had been wrecked. I have since put it back to gether and have done some light mods. Duel intake cams mainly. I have also put the lower part of a 95 sohc on my 93 bumper and I am in the process of putting a third gen dash into my car(lot of work.) I hope to contribute to the forum as I do more mods to my car maybe even a write up about the dash swap.

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    The dash swap is as simple as switching two nutplates between two holes on each side of the dash with the 95+ dash, unfortunately as you are discovering, to do it on the 91-94 dash the easiest way is to swap out the entire dash structure. You might be able to get the 93 computer and harness to drive a 95 gauge cluster but there is no way to make the third gen gauges run from the early cars. The 95 cluster can be made to fit under a third gen dash with some serious trimming, you will have to give up the clear cover over the gauges to make it fit.
    Here is a shot of a third gen dash in my 95SW2, the gauges are a hybrid of a Torrent and and Equinox, they were going to be driven from the ion redline computer and harness until another member here swapping his wagon discovered that you have to use the computer and body control module from a third gen to drive them correctly.
    Just a guy with a thing for tubeframes and motorswaps...
    Saturns, I have them, too many of them actually

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